Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Improvement update

A lot has happened since the last pictures I posted of the new room.  Since the hard stuff is over, I've even beenn able to help with mudding the sheetrock (sp?).  It's actually kind of fun, well it was fun for the 30 mins I did it.  Atleast I can say I did help. 

Since the last post:
All of the walls are up.  That was no easy task!  Well according to this pic, almost all the walls.

I even managed to get a picture of my husband working hard in his "old" Polo shirt.  That's all he wears.  LOL

He and his dad working hard!

There was such a mess after this day of work, we spent a few hours extra cleaning up...

It's starting to become reality that the room will be done shortly.  I've even started picking out paint colors and carpet.  This may be really ambitious, but I think this room could be complete by April.  I'll keep you posted.  Well, that's all folks!