Tuesday, May 29, 2012


As some of you may already know from Facebook, I am a Tastefully Simple Consultant, and I am very excited about my newest endeavor!


Tastefully Simple is a company that looks to give you tasty meals that are simple to make.  Each item that you purchase only requires 2 or fewer ingredients (yes, it's true) to prepare. 

The products are very flexible and customizable.  Add the standard 2 ingredients, or create a culinary masterpiece, it's all up to you!!!

You can learn more, and party while doing so by booking your party today.  Do you have an upcoming housewarming, wedding shower, or just want to invite a few of you friends over for a monthly meeting or book club? Why not setup a taste testing party today, and let me provide the menu for you.

All interested people should email me at sherita_ts@yahoo.com or call me at 336-324-5045.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I have recently been following a blog I happened to come across a few weeks ago.  I was initially interested because it was about a medical condition I'd never heard of called PPROM.  This quickly went from an educational experience, to a testament of faith in God and his plan for our lives.  I would like for everyone to take time to read this. 


I pray it inspires you as much as it did me.  Please help me keep this family in prayer for the days ahead!

Say "Happy Birthday" to the Birthday Boy

May 3rd, a day that will always plague me...

Being the person I am, I absolutely love to surprise people for special occasions because I like to be surprised.  To date, I've not been sucessful in doing this for my husband.  He (unlike me) refuses to be surprised, and does anything possible to ruin the surprise.

Well let me get back to the birthday story.  Antonio talked about an inground basketball system for months.  I told him that I would not be spending that type of money for a basketball goal, and we had no where to put it anyway.  I believe I really had him believing that I was not going to get the goal.  It was planned perfectly, the goal would be delivered to his parents house while we were both at work.  They would hide it, and after everything else, he'd get to see the gift he really wanted.... Well that's not exactly how it played out!
As luck would have it, UPS didn't deliver until 7pm the day before his birthday.... and he was leaving his parents home when the delivery woman pulled up.  #ULTIMATE FAIL.  Maybe next year.  Anyway, he loved the goal, and I think he had fun putting it up.

 Me and my tall Birthday Man!

 All 3 of those plates are his!

...and this is how you feel when you leave this place.  Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Later that evening, we went to his and my new favorite restaurant.  It's called Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse in Durham.  We didn't eat all day waiting for our dinner reservations.  Such a nice environment, and the food was phenomenal! 

South Carolina on My Mind...

It's is great living our first year as a married couple with no kids.  It affords us the opportunity to pick up and travel whenever we want...
Visiting Charleston, SC was an idea that had been in my mind for a few months, but Antonio and I had trouble fitting a getaway into our schedules.  Planning is not always the best policy, hence the word GETAWAY!  Anyway, so we decided on Tuesday that we would take a weekend trip on that Saturday, and come back sometime on Monday.  These last minute trips tend to be the most fun. 

Well we get there, and the weather is GORGEOUS.  Hotel room, COMFY.  Us, TIRED from the drive.  However, by Sunday morning we are well rested, and ready to view the city!  We visited the downtown area.  Lots of shopping, historic sites and lots of walking.

Here are some photos we took:

This poor horse was so tired.

A huge Forever 21.  I had to go in, and come out with some items!

This was just one of many GETAWAYS to come.  Life is great!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Improvement update

A lot has happened since the last pictures I posted of the new room.  Since the hard stuff is over, I've even beenn able to help with mudding the sheetrock (sp?).  It's actually kind of fun, well it was fun for the 30 mins I did it.  Atleast I can say I did help. 

Since the last post:
All of the walls are up.  That was no easy task!  Well according to this pic, almost all the walls.

I even managed to get a picture of my husband working hard in his "old" Polo shirt.  That's all he wears.  LOL

He and his dad working hard!

There was such a mess after this day of work, we spent a few hours extra cleaning up...

It's starting to become reality that the room will be done shortly.  I've even started picking out paint colors and carpet.  This may be really ambitious, but I think this room could be complete by April.  I'll keep you posted.  Well, that's all folks!