Thursday, May 24, 2012

Say "Happy Birthday" to the Birthday Boy

May 3rd, a day that will always plague me...

Being the person I am, I absolutely love to surprise people for special occasions because I like to be surprised.  To date, I've not been sucessful in doing this for my husband.  He (unlike me) refuses to be surprised, and does anything possible to ruin the surprise.

Well let me get back to the birthday story.  Antonio talked about an inground basketball system for months.  I told him that I would not be spending that type of money for a basketball goal, and we had no where to put it anyway.  I believe I really had him believing that I was not going to get the goal.  It was planned perfectly, the goal would be delivered to his parents house while we were both at work.  They would hide it, and after everything else, he'd get to see the gift he really wanted.... Well that's not exactly how it played out!
As luck would have it, UPS didn't deliver until 7pm the day before his birthday.... and he was leaving his parents home when the delivery woman pulled up.  #ULTIMATE FAIL.  Maybe next year.  Anyway, he loved the goal, and I think he had fun putting it up.

 Me and my tall Birthday Man!

 All 3 of those plates are his!

...and this is how you feel when you leave this place.  Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Later that evening, we went to his and my new favorite restaurant.  It's called Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse in Durham.  We didn't eat all day waiting for our dinner reservations.  Such a nice environment, and the food was phenomenal! 

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