Thursday, May 24, 2012

South Carolina on My Mind...

It's is great living our first year as a married couple with no kids.  It affords us the opportunity to pick up and travel whenever we want...
Visiting Charleston, SC was an idea that had been in my mind for a few months, but Antonio and I had trouble fitting a getaway into our schedules.  Planning is not always the best policy, hence the word GETAWAY!  Anyway, so we decided on Tuesday that we would take a weekend trip on that Saturday, and come back sometime on Monday.  These last minute trips tend to be the most fun. 

Well we get there, and the weather is GORGEOUS.  Hotel room, COMFY.  Us, TIRED from the drive.  However, by Sunday morning we are well rested, and ready to view the city!  We visited the downtown area.  Lots of shopping, historic sites and lots of walking.

Here are some photos we took:

This poor horse was so tired.

A huge Forever 21.  I had to go in, and come out with some items!

This was just one of many GETAWAYS to come.  Life is great!

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